Release Notes


This is the first Blender Market Release. This release includes a major restructuring of the code base and, most notably, introduces support for Blender 4.0.


  • #141: Numerate by Axis Order.
  • #159: Added documentation link for user guidance and reference.
  • #153: UI Update: Added a warning that selection for Collections is only effective from the Outliner.
  • #151: UI Enhancement: Added links to other addons/stores for improved branding.
  • #149: UI Improvement: Added a direct link to settings from the UI Panel for easier access.
  • #114: UI Refinement: Improved the renaming target selection dropdown for better user experience.
  • #147: Code Update: Rewrote code related to hotkey assignment and registration for enhanced performance and reliability.


  • #152: Fixed an issue with category renaming.
  • #150: Removed FaceMaps renaming feature, as it is no longer supported in Blender 4.0.
  • #148: Addressed Attribute renaming issues for Blender 4.0 compatibility.
  • #146: Corrected an issue where some objects were selected unintentionally.
  • #144: Fixed the numeration of Mesh Data to ensure accuracy.
  • #130: Resolved a bug causing key bindings to reset to default after restarting Blender.



  • #124 Add support for renaming particle systems.



  • #121 Only rename Actions used by selected objects.



  • #112 Support UV Maps, Facemaps, Color Attributes, Attributes.
  • #62 Support vertex group renaming
  • #106 Renaming Variables: add object data.
  • #70 Use selection order for object renaming
  • #99 Expose Renaming Panel to the Outliner
  • #69 Renaming selected collections (only works in outliner)
  • #120 Properties panel: delete simple UI and reorganize buttons
  • #119 Reorganize Preferences



  • #101 Numerate is broken!
  • #98 Numerate varialbe and regular numerate behave differently!
  • #103 Category Renaming isn't working properly


  • Performace improvement for operations affecting a lot of items to rename
  • Improve stability for renaming bones, especially in Edit Mode


  • #85 Numerate on bones not working!
  • #84 Can't rename font and metaballs!
  • #93 'Rename All' does not work in Edit Bone Mode!


  • Improve stability of renaming bones. Bones can now be renamed in edit mode.


  • #74 Auto Updater is back!
  • #72 Changing the properties panel category from the user preferences works now properly!
  • #80 The renaming variable @c contains the object collections!
  • #78 Specify numerate digits and start in the preferences


  • [NEW] Auto Updater is back!
  • [NEW] Changing the properties panel category from the user preferences works now properly!
  • [NEW] The renaming variable @c contains the object collections!
  • [NEW] Specify numerate digits and start in the preferences
  • [Fix] Blender console warning for “doesn’t contain ‘PT’ with prefix & suffix”

[1.4.1] blender 2.8x

  • [Fix]: Renaming only selected Bones in Object mode shows now an info that selected bones can only be renamed in object mode.
  • [Fix]: Improved Error handling
  • [Fix] Duplicate popup window is not shown in the tools panel anymore.


  • [NEW] Feature: Introduction of the powerful renaming variables
  • [NEW] UI: Toggle between simple and advanced UI
  • [NEW] Presets for rename by type
  • [NEW] Search and select for Object renaming
  • [Fix] Bone renaming in Pose mode


  • [NEW] UI: User Defined Hotkeys
  • [NEW] UI: Add additional options to the User Preferences of the addon

1.3.0b Blender 2.80 Beta

  • [NEW] UI: The simple renaming panel is now part of the properties panel
  • [NEW] UI: The panel uses for big parts the single column layout
  • [NEW] The codebase was updated to fit the new requironments of blender 2.80
  • [NEW] The new blender 2.80 specific object types are supported (e.g., grease pencil, lightprops). Groups and Layers have been removed from the addon.
  • [NEW] An option to provide more control over which object type is effected by the renaming action was added.
  • [NEW] It is possible to rename selected bones (Thanks to Cube Creative)

1.3.0a Blender 2.80 Alpha

  • [DELETED] Renaming of Collections
  • [DELETED] Renaming of Render Layers
  • [DELETED] UI Popup
  • [CHANGED] Tool panel to Properties panel
  • [FIXED] This addon can't be installed from the zip file.

1.2.0] blender 2.79

  • [NEW] Renaming works now in different modes: object, material, image texture, group, data and bone
  • [NEW] Change the tool shelf category of the add-on in the preferences
  • [NEW] Added a match case checkbox has been added to search and replace
  • [NEW] A simple and well organized information panel lists which objects have been renamed and includes some additional information
  • [NEW] Not only suffixes, but also prefixes can be added by object type
  • [CHANGED] Suffix by type has been renamed to type suffix and prefix panel and is now part of the main panel
  • [NEW]Surfaces, cameras, lights and bones have been added to the type suffix and prefix panel
  • [UPDATED]Auto updater 1.0.3
  • [FIX] A lot of minor bugs have been fixed


  • [New] The posibility to give the objects a new name has been added


First official release